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MesajKonu: SİLENT HİLL   SİLENT HİLL Icon_minitimeC.tesi Kas. 08, 2008 10:46 pm

Quote: Silent Hill is definitely a game full of fear and deep intriguing tajemniczością. Not one person has already convinced of this on their own skin. To a large extent so as to the successful transfer of authors' vision of the game has a very atmospheric music, which currently has received at least the status of classics. The entire soundtrack for the game Silent Hill to clean journey through a combination of a wide range of sounds wykreowanych by the artist and composer - Japanese music Akire Yamaoka. While in the same game different sounds combine with each other and wplatają appropriate moments in the game, so in the same soundtracku everything is skillfully combined into a whole by creating an amazing mixture. What has created Akira Yamaoka is a real zagadka to our mind. Each sound is incredibly original and hard to distinguish in many works of any sound and instruments. All in all, incredibly affect the psyche and lets get our imagination. In my opinion, the general ambient music (just for this species with a pure heart could classify this soundtrack) is best addresses our gray cells and acts very skilfully to our feelings. That is also the case in music from the game Silent Hill. Most works to solve a set of distorted sounds that can really shake. Hear even the song "I'll Kill You" and ogarnie was certainly true fear and sweat will spływał as was the first horrorze what oglądaliście in life. In addition to a large dose of dark ambient can be found here also several instrumental works ( "Tears Of ..."," She ") and some slightly different ambient pieces carry with them shortly after ukojenia so psychodelicznej pilgrimage introducing some mysterious melodies (" Claw Finger " "Only You," "Far"). As for me, a whole produces a strong impression and did not momentalne przegięcie towards overdriving and distorted sounds plate merits the highest possible rating. tml tml tml tml tml

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